Admiralty and Maritime

The Biondo Law Firm, P.A. is dedicated to protecting the rights of passengers and seamen injured as a result of cruise ship accidents and assaults, boating accidents and other maritime-related hazards. Our firm has represented clients from all over the United States in cases against the cruise lines and private vessel owners. Accidents that occur on navigable waters can require the application of admiralty and maritime laws, specialized area(s) of the law. Our firm is experienced in handling these types of cases and will fight to make sure that you and your loved ones receive the recovery you deserve under these laws.

With respect to the cruise lines, please be aware that most large ships often insert special provisions into their passenger tickets (which are authorized by United States Federal Statutes) that shorten the time in which a passenger may file a lawsuit against the cruise line to one year. The normal statute of limitations for admiralty and maritime matters is three years. Often times, cruise lines designate, within their passenger tickets, the only location where they can be sued — this is referred to as a forum selection clause. Most of the major cruise lines are based in Miami, Florida and designate Miami, Florida as the location where they must be sued within the one year statute of limitations.