Aviation Accidents

Travel by air is the safest mode of transportation. However, when a plane crashes it usually results in catastrophic injury or death. This highly specialized area of the law is known as aviation liability and encompasses private and commercial aircraft(s). Aircraft accidents are generally caused by one of three factors: human error, machine or environment. When man is at fault, liability may be attributed to the crew, aircraft owner or flight operator. When a machine fails, the aircraft or aircraft component design and manufacturing company may be liable. When weather is a cause, the fault may lie with the Air Traffic Control for not updating pilots on changing conditions or for issuing unsafe flight directions.

Practice in aviation liability requires an attorney with in-depth knowledge of and experience with the many facets of aviation. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the regulatory body that oversees all aircraft and flight operations. Federal Air Regulations govern pilot licensing, aircraft certification and flight operations across the country. There are differing regulations for general aviation, airlines and other commercial flight operators. Additionally, each state also has a set of laws that govern claims filing and victim compensation. To add to the complexity of these situations, in any one airplane crash there may be multiple and competing state laws which apply. Aviation liability has long been a key area of focus at The Biondo Law Firm, P.A.