Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be caused by defective products, medical negligence, vehicular accidents, and various other torts. In emergency rooms throughout Florida, traumatic brain injury often eludes detection, despite the sophisticated imaging equipment used by medical professionals. Misdiagnosed brain injury victims frequently suffer from debilitating headaches, have difficulty focusing their attention, and struggle with the formation and recall of memories. The associated physical and psychological damage impairs the brain’s ability to control motor movements, and interferes with the reasoning and judgment centers, often leading to erratic mood swings, violent outbursts, and depression.

Whether a traumatic brain injury is formally classified as “severe” or “mild”, brain injury victims are frequently deprived of the essential skills necessary for steady employment and meaningful family interaction. For victims of traumatic brain injury, Florida places the tremendous financial burden of obtaining specialized trauma care and extended rehabilitation on the injured and their families. Finding the right trial attorney is critical to successfully navigating the changing landscape of medical claims processing and insurance settlements required for ongoing treatment.

The Biondo Law Firm, P.A. has distinguished itself from other Florida firms handling traumatic brain injury cases with their unparalleled track record of expertise and professionalism. By conducting a free assessment of your case, our firm will determine the most effective strategy to prepare and present a damage claim that ensures maximum compensation from the all responsible parties and their insurance companies. Our extensive experience in complex traumatic brain injury cases is backed by a firm commitment to secure justice for our clients.