Negligent Security

Negligent or inadequate security cases arise when an individual is injured or killed because of carelessness or neglect on the part of property owners and businesses. Such cases may include rape and assaults in parking lots, apartment buildings, hotels, resorts, shopping centers, nightclubs, banks, retail stores, and other businesses. They may also include preventable stabbings and shootings at these establishments.

People have a right to personal safety while they are invitees on someone else’s business property. Businesses have a duty to provide reasonably safe environments for their clients and customers. If property owners do not conform with this duty, they may be liable for injuries to people on their property . Negligent security cases involve an injury to an individual or death as a result of a preventable and foreseeable bad act. Unfortunately, negligent security cases occur throughout the State of Florida on a regular basis. Fortunately, The Biondo Law Firm, P.A. is experienced in representing the individual victims of these types of cases to insure that receive adequate compensation under the law and to make the community safer prospectively.